cell systems cover Low Dimensionality in Gene Expression Data Enables the Accurate Extraction of Transcriptional Programs from Shallow Sequencing
Graham Heimberg*, Rajat Bhatnagar*, Hana El-Samad#, Matt Thomson#
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* denotes co-first authors, # denotes co-corresponding authors


Transcription Factor Competition Allows Embryonic Stem Cells to Distinguish Authentic Signals from Noise
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Specific Gene Repression by CRISPRi System Transferred through Bacterial Conjugation
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Fully Addressable Self-Assembled Microcavity Plasma Arrays: Improved Luminous Efficacy by Controlling Device Geometry
KS Kim, JK Yoon, EW Xie, TL Kim, GS Heimberg, S Park, JG Eden
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An astronomical site survey at the Barcroft Facility of the White Mountain Research Station
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